Areas of Practice-Legal Services

Apart from practicing on intellectual property matters, MOK POON provide legal services in the fields of civil affairs, corporate law, international trade, immigration, customs and taxation as well.


Civil Affairs

-Marriage (prenuptial agreement, divorce matters and etc. )

-Succession (inheritance)  




Corporate law

○ Due diligence;
○ Obtain necessary approval from the Central Government;
○ Negotiation on terms & contracts for Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE ) and/or Joint Venture (JV);
○ Draft legal documents related to corporation establishment and technology transferring etc.
○ Obtain necessary approvals from all relevant authorities


Real Estate
○ Due diligence related to real estate development;
○ Ensuring legal compliance with respect to the applicable laws and regulations;
○ Legal consultancy;
○ Draft legal documents related to real estate transaction, lease, and dead  transferring, etc.
○ Other legal services related to real estate



○ Legal consultancy on customs matters;
○ Provide legal advice on customs inspectors;
○ Administration review requests and litigations;
○ Intellectual property protection
 Recordation of intellectual property rights
 Request for detaining of suspected infringed products
 Submit written opposition against custom detainment
 Provisional Injunction and litigations


○ Illustration of overseas investment policies;
○ Consultancy and legal advice;
○ Provide evaluation on investment circumstances and risks;
○ Design investment structure;
○ Negotiate and draft legal documents;
○ Assist on approval from relevant China Governments;
○ Assist on arrangement of foreign consultants


International trade
○ Provide evaluation on legal risks;
○ Draft and/or review contracts;
○ Assist on applying for government approval;
○ Negotiate on licensing contracts;
○ Arbitration and litigation


Labor and employment

○ Consultancy and advice on labor law and policies in China; 
○ Apply for employment license and employment permit for foreigners; 
○ Make, revise and polish labor contacts; 
○ Participate in non-litigation negotiation and mediation for labor disputes; 
○ Arbitration and litigations

Areas of Practice

Trademark Matters


  -Trademark registration

  -Trademark opposition

  -Trademark review proceedings

  -Trademark litigations

  -Trademark renewal 

  -Trademark licensing 

  -Trademark assignment 

  Hong Kong


Copyright Matters

-Recordation of art works

-Recordation of software



Custom IP protectio

-Recordation of IP rights

-Custom watch

Patent Matter


-Utility Model 

-Industrial Design

-National phase of PCT application


Hong Kong

-Standard Patent 

-Short-term Patent

Legal Services
Civil Affairs

-Corporate law 

-Real Estate



-Business immigration 


-International trade 

-Labor and employment