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Copyright Matters in China

Copyright is an automatic right. It arises when a work is created, in that case, copyright for works follows principles of automatic protection and voluntary registration in China; even so, there is a system for copyright registration before the Copyright Protection Center of China (CPCC) in China. The certificate of copyright registration serves as prima facie evidence before any disputes and court hearing cases. Besides, we assist clients on registration of computer software as well.


■Required Documentations for Copyright Registration for Works: 

     1.a power of attorney;   

     2.Sample of works (electronic format is acceptable)

     3.Copy of the identification document of the applicant (for individuals, it refers to ID Card or Passport, etc, and  for legal entities, it refers to the incorporation certificate.) 

     4.Description of works indicating the creation intention, process and the creativity of the works; 

    5.Filing form; and  Documents showing that the applicant is the owner in case that the copyright has transferred. 

■Required Documentations/Information for Copyright Registration of Software 

     1.Application form for software copyright registration

          a). The full name and name in abbreviation if there is any of the software to be registered, the classification code according to national standard GB/T13702 and GB/4754 and the edition number of the software to be registered;

         b). The date when the development of the software was finished and the first date of the publication of the software;

         c). Whether the software is developed solely, cooperatively, on commission or for hire, and the relevant supporting documents such as the development agreement;

         d). Whether the copyright is acquired originally or derivatively (succession or assignment) and the supporting documents thereof, and the required copyright scope;  

         e). The detailed description on the use and technical features of the software to be registered;  

         f). Which way of deposit for the identification material (the programs and files) of the software to be registered,

                (1) General deposit 

                (2) Exceptive deposit

                (3) Sealing up for deposit. 

    2.Power of Attorney; 

    3.Identification certification of the applicant (and/or copyright owner), 


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